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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Monthly Meeting March 2017

We had been busy in the weeks before the March meeting, joining in the village clean up, enjoying a lunch in the Bell and a coffee morning in the Hall as well as taking part in the Tarmac Trophy quiz. Earlier in the day some members had attended the Road Show at Beckington where there had been a very good speaker talking about her diplomatic life in Pakistan and Bangladesh and plenty of information available about all sorts of issues.

Barbara again mentioned the Denman fundraising and suggested a jumble sale in the autumn which several members agreed to help with. We may also hold a 'Soup & Pud' lunch.  On a different topic, we are also going to look again at the idea of knitting Twiddle Muffs, maybe as an extension of the Craft and Cuppa group. Looking ahead to April some members are going to the Merlin Theatre on the 6th and Sunday 30th is the Women Walk the World day which we usually support but no plans in place yet.  We will probably start from the village about 2.30pm and end up having tea and cake!

The Resolutions for the National AGM in June had been chosen and would be about “Plastic Soup” and “Loneliness”. We would discuss these at our May meeting and needed 2 people to speak on each, one for and one against.

We then had a talk on UK Calendar Customs from Daphne Atkinson. She showed us pictures and gave us details of many strange and amusing activities which take place in various towns and villages all over the UK on specific dates in the year, some familiar, most not.

At our meeting at 7.30 on April 10th we will hear about (and taste!) Cocktails and Mocktails from Daniel Mears

Friday, 10 March 2017

What a Load of Rubbish!!!

Many thanks to all the residents of Leigh on Mendip who turned up on Saturday 4 March to help with the Litter Pick.  And 'Thank You' to the ladies who were serving tea and cake to everyone who returned to the Hall after their hard work.

Our roads and lanes are now much cleaner and hopefully will stay that way.  Thank you to those walkers who regularly clear the rubbish they see - it has certainly made a difference to the amount collected on this annual event.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Monthly Meeting February 2017

Names were being taken in February for the coming Roadshow at Beckington and the Hall quiz both in March and for the theatre outing to the Merlin in Frome on April 6th. Recent social events included the fundraising breakfast for Denman organised by Barbara and the Leigh WI birthday party, both hosted by Shelagh. In March we would as usual have the first Friday lunch in the Bell, the coffee morning on the 6th and on Saturday the 4th the village litter pick. Looking ahead to June we are once again running the produce and cake stall at the fete with the addition of ice creams, in small tubs for convenience. Mary has stepped into the breach and will be representing us at the February fete meeting.

The breakfast raised over £50 for Denman but Barbara explained we have been asked to raise even more to help them to continue to exist and provide such a valuable and enjoyable educational and social resource. She asked us to think of any ideas we could use.

Our talk was about Frome FM radio which you may be able to pick up on 96.6fm. The range is officially 5 miles from Frome but Helen Ottaway, their chair, assured us she was still able to tune in when she arrived in Leigh. They are on air 24 hours a day with a mix of music and talk shows. In April they will be moving to the new town hall in Frome on Christchurch St and Helen encouraged us to drop in and see how things work, there will be other organisations on site including the Tourist Information and a café, so well worth making the trip.

Our meeting at 7.30 on March 13th will include a talk called UK Calendar Customs

Sunday, 29 January 2017

68 Years Young!!

Scrummy Tea and Cakes for Leigh on Mendip's 68th Birthday Party.

A lovely way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon in
January.  A chance to catch up on everyone's news.

Special thanks to our Cake makers:-
Ann Orpwood, Christine, Marguerite and Shelagh.

And to Caroline & Mary for making cups of tea!

And some of the husband's came too!

A special "Thank you" to Shelagh for hosting our Birthday party in her house.

Barbara presented Shelagh with a bouquet
of flowers.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

January Breakfast

Looking scrummy - croissants, toast and coffee still to come
Looking scrummy - croissants, toast and coffee & tea still to come!

11 members (and one husband!) came out on a very cold morning and we were made to feel so welcome sitting in Shelagh's sunny kitchen.

£55.50 was raised for us to send to Denman for their Fundraising.  
 People were asking:

"When's the next breakfast"??!!

Thank you to Barbara for doing all the hardwork providing us with such a lovely breakfast.

If anyone has another good idea for a Denman Fundraiser please let the Committee know and we will see if members can make it happen!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Monthly Meeting January 2017

Since the magazine last came out Christmas has been and gone of course. Before that at our December meeting we made some of our own cards from the wide variety of materials that had been assembled for us with varying but overall very good results.

In January subs of £39 were due and Mary had once again produced some attractive programmes with our plans for the meetings in the year ahead. In addition to these we had several events to look forward to. There was the Denman fundraiser breakfast arranged by Barbara on Friday 13th January and later in the month the Birthday Party tea on the 29th.  Looking ahead to March there was the Roadshow on the 13th at Beckington, final numbers for this to be taken at the February meeting and Barbara encouraged us to attend this if possible as it was in our area for once. We were also thinking about the fete in June as we no longer have a representative for that committee. Barbara emphasized how much we rely on the fete for fundraising and urged members to consider volunteering to take this job on. We also need someone to take charge of the raffle prizes.

Our speaker, Jane Norris, had worked as a nurse/midwife for many years. She had come from a family of midwives and always knew it was the career she wanted. However she preferred not to stay in one job or place for too long and had spent time in various areas of the UK, the Navy and, definitely the most interesting location for us, in the Labrador region of Canada. This was extremely remote with thick snow in winter, generally difficult and unpleasant living conditions and populated by very poor underprivileged people in small villages, so Jane and her colleagues were performing a vital service.

Our February meeting at 7.30 on Monday 13th will include a talk on Frome FM radio.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our members and to any other ladies who would like to come along to a meeting to see what we do, without obligation.

See Programme and Information to the right for details of your 2017 Programme and details of your Committee.

We look forward to seeing you on January 9th. please bring along your Subs payment (£39) and a raffle prize.  Your Programme card and membership card/booklets will be available then.