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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Have a look at this: Behindthedoorof104.blogspot.co.uk

Starting the Big Conversation

The WI’s Time to Talk Campaign is about making sure we all know 
what our loved ones’ wishes are about organ donation. The decision 
to be a donor is up to each of us (you can become Registered 
Donor here if you like), but in the end, it’s left to thousands of families
 every year to turn those wishes into actions.

We know talking about donation with our loved ones can sometimes 
be difficult. So we've come up with a way to use WI members’ talents 
to show their leadership in finding the Time to Talk.

We’re starting the Big Conversation, which means we’re asking each 
and every WI member to:
Find the Time to Talk and have a conversation with their loved 
one about their organ donation decision
Get creative and make something through craft or illustration to 
show who you spoke to
Take a photo and send it to us

Did you sit down to a cup of tea with your husband? Did you mention 
it to your children when you were cooking dinner in the kitchen? Maybe 
you mentioned to a close friend after getting your driving 
license renewed? Perhaps reading a story about donation in the paper 
prompted you to talk to a family member. Transform who you spoke to 
(or are going to speak to) and the context of that conversation 
into whatever craft or creative project you like. It can be as skilful
 (crochet, pottery, decoupage, quilling, embroidery) or basic (spell 
out their name in icing or take a selfie spelling out who you 
told!) as you want.

Take a photo of it and post it to social media using 
the hashtag #WITimetoTalk. Or email it to the NFWI Public Affairs
 team (publicaffairs@nfwi.org.uk) and we'll publish it for you.
The results will be shared online over the next year on Twitter,
 Facebook and an online photo gallery. At the end, we will create
 a massive mosaic of photographs of all the WI members’ crafts 
for a special exhibition as part of the WI’s centenary year.

With each photo representing a real conversation, together they will 
show how WI members have found the Time to Talk, and inspire 
others to do the same. Remember every single discussion about
 organ donation is part of a bigger conversation.

You have until Friday 27 March 2015 to share your conversation photos
 with us. 
Get crafting! 

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Alice in WI land

Here is some more detailed information about the Alice in WI land centenary celebration. As you already know, the time to go along and see what it's all about is Saturday 20th September in Evercreech Village Hall - 'dancers' in the morning and singers, actors and everyone else in the afternoon. (No previous skills required! just a willingness to have a go!)
Our part of the whole show will last 25 minutes.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday 20th September - Evercreech Village Hall(E V H) - Auditions
Saturday  4th October - 2pm - E V H - First Run Through
Saturday 24th January - 2pm - E V H - Rehearsal  
Saturday 14th February - 2pm - E V H - Rehearsal  
Saturday 21st March - 2pm - E V H - Rehearsal
Saturday 28th March - 2pm - E V H - Rehearsal
Saturday 11th April - 2pm - DRESS REHEARSAL 
Saturday 18th April - performance
Saturday 25th April - performance 

 so you can see that there isn't a huge commitment - it is intended to be something to have lots of fun and join in with other Somerset WI members to celebrate being a part of the WI. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fancy a WI trip to London on 21st September?

WI Women and Climate Change Campaign
I have received the following letter from NFWI. As you see the timing is too short to enable us to publicize the event in County News.
Can I ask you to liaise with Mary at NFWI Public Affairs direct, if you or members of your Institute are interested in taking part.
There is more information about the event on the Climate Coalition website.  http://www.theclimatecoalition.org

Best wishes

Nicky Venning
Somerset WI
Public Affairs +International

Dear WI member

Global Day of Action on Climate Change - 21 September 2014
The NFWI is supporting the Climate Coalition’s ‘For the Love of…’ campaign. The campaign aims to build a diverse movement of people supporting action on climate change in the UK by celebrating all the things people love that will be affected by climate change. From the food we love to the homes we live in, they are all at risk from climate impacts such as flooding and drought.

As part of the campaign, the Climate Coalition is taking part in a London event on the 21st September 2014 to coincide with the UN Climate Summit in New York. Simultaneous events will take place globally to demonstrate the scale of public passion for protecting our environment. The London event will include a march and a display of all the things we love that will be affected by climate change. We’ll be calling on David Cameron to show ambition and leadership by outlining the UK’s commitment to taking action to tackle climate change.

Come and join the WI for the event. WI members will be meeting near Temple tube (location to be confirmed) from 11am onwards with a ‘For the Love of… Brunch’ – featuring some of the foods we love that will be affected by climate change – before joining others from the Climate Coalition to walk to Parliament Square. If you’d like to take part in the celebrations, please contact the Public Affairs Department to register your interest. This is an open event, and friends and family are welcome.

 Please contact the public affairs team on pa@nfwi.org.uk or telephone 0207 371 9300 ext. 212 for more information.

 Kind regards
 Mary RobertsNFWI Research and Campaigns Officer


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

the President's Evening

What a very enjoyable evening we spent, catching up on all the news and simply making the most of each other's company. Is there anything better than time spent with friends, accompanied by some good food and drink?

The puddings were gorgeous! (despite the fact that at least half of them arrived with a note saying they weren't up to scratch!) We voted with our feet, as it were, and polished pretty much everything off, so all I can say is that they were tip top! Thank you! 
The Pimms and soft drinks were delectable, too - grateful thanks to our Pimms technician and the providers of the accompaniments! 
Here are Barbara's photos:

The aftermath!