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Leigh on Mendip Community Coffee Mornings.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Alice in WI Land

Friday, 23 May 2014

Sue's delicious cake recipe

 A few people asked about the recipe for the cake I brought to the bring and buy which is a Mary Berry recipe from the last Bake Off book. Couple of comments - I don't put the topping on, so that's optional and it is very sweet, probably due to the marzipan - I don't know how it would come out if the sugar was cut down a bit, Sue

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Our Annual Meeting

It was a very well attended meeting, with lots of decisions made and one or two changes made. Our committee is now reduced to six members and we have no-one as yet volunteering to take over Val's position on the village fair committee. This is a serious gap which must be filled - unless everyone would prefer to organise other ways of raising funds to pay for our activities? There is also the matter of our next President; of the members present last night, none were willing to take on the role of Vice President in order to learn the ropes gradually.
Margaret very kindly offered to organise the raffle and Barbara will continue as our official photographer. Sue V is happy to retain the WI press officer job and the remaining committee members are all willing to continue their good work.
We decided to continue with supporting the Food Bank and make shoe boxes for the YMCA young people in crisis this year. In order to reign in our spending, we took the decision - unanimously- to buy our own drinks at the Christmas meal, and contribute if we wish to have wine at the President's evening.

We are looking forward to playing a part in the national and county centenary celebrations in 2015; see below for details of Alice in WI Land!

Somerset WI Centenary Celebrations
Hello all WI members in the Eastern part of Somerset
At long last we, the planning committee, have some definite news for you about how we are going to progress our input to the celebration revue
The county has been divided into North, South, West and ourselves East, the century has also been divided, and we are the last part of the century from the 70’s to the present day
It is proposed to have a matinee and an evening performance in both Yeovil and Taunton in April 2015 – one week apart
It is called ‘Alices Adventures in WI Land’ – our part includes Tony Blair being slow handclapped, the WI going from a charity to being incorporated, losing part of Somerset to Avon, etc.….
We have some small speaking parts, group dancing – no solos, and group singing – no solos,
The parts that need to filled are Alice, Red Queen, White Queen, White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat,  those are the main ones, but smaller parts may come up
As you can see dancing and singing is done in groups, the only time there will be solo singing is with the RAP song , for which we already have 2- 3 volunteers,
Evercreech Village Hall  is booked on Saturday 13thSeptember 2014,for everyone and anyone who is interested in joining in the fun
11.15  For anyone who would like to dance – this will not be Tiller Girlsdancing but dancing that anyone can and could do; regardless of age or ability- we have an excellent dance teacher
2.00  for those who would like to take a part, these are not daunting, the parts are small and fun   and also at 2.00 - for those who would like to sing, and again this is not choral singing - it is good fun singing
Please contact Janet Cooke for further information, or if you are coming on the 13th Sept, please let me knowOR just turn up on the day- j.cooke564@btinternet.com / 01373 453843

Monday, 12 May 2014

Kilver Court Gardens visit

On Saturday a few members and husbands spent a lovely afternoon enjoying the gardens at Kilver Court. The azaleas were spectacular: see below! Thank you Caroline for the photos!

Friday, 2 May 2014

May 2nd: lunch at the Bell Inn

Plenty of WI members (and two guests) came out in the May sunshine today to have lunch together and enjoy a spot of  company and fun! Thank you to Barbara for the photo.