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Leigh on Mendip Community Coffee Mornings.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Monthly Meeting 9 May 2016


A fairly low turnout for our May meeting but it was a busy one. Members had taken part in several activities including the fashion show at Standerwick, the Children’s Society coffee morning and the ACWW walk round the quarry with tea and cakes back at Shelagh’s afterwards. The latter had raised around £50 on the day towards the ACWW goat purchase project and Barbara put out a collection plate for anyone who hadn’t been on the walk but wanted to contribute. Looking ahead she had arranged another walk, this one to go round Frome, starting at 6.30 on Wednesday 27th July. The scrapbook was making good progress and the first Friday lunches were still being well supported and will continue to be in the Bell until further notice.

We then turned to the Resolutions which Barbara read out for us including the cases for and against them. We had a good discussion on both, the one concerning supermarkets sending surplus food to charities to reduce waste and help those in need and the other to get hospitals to allow people with dementia to have a relative or friend stay with them when they went in for other reasons than their dementia. We voted in favour of both Resolutions.

The AGM followed with the financial, secretarial and President’s reports. We also needed to choose a President for the coming year. Barbara was the only nominated member willing to stand and will therefore continue as President for another year. The committee has two vacancies but no one at the meeting wanted to join, if any member who was not at the meeting is willing to do so then contact Barbara or any committee member.

The next meeting will be on Monday 13th June at 7.30pm, when we will have our very own fashion show.